Conway County Youth Club Policies

  1. Members must be signed out each day at the front desk.

  2. Payment must be made before Tuesday of each week or by the 5th of each month if paying monthly.  We accept cash, checks, bank drafts, or credit cards (apply a 3% fee for credit cards).  If payments are not made on time the members will not be allowed to attend until paid in full. 

  3.  All members must follow our discipline policy and parents will be required to sign off on them.

  4.  Reports cards must be submitted to the front desk each 9 week.

  5. If your child has allergies, please tell the Director and you can bring snacks if needed.

  6.  C.C.Y.C. follows the same Inclement Weather Policy as South Conway County School District.

  7. If your child is not picked up by 6:00 p.m. a $5 fee will be charged to your account.  If not picked up by 6:05 p.m. $1 a minute will be added as well.  These fees must be paid in cash only.  No exceptions.

  8. Any member that needs to take medication must provide a doctors' note and instructions on how to give medication.  All medications will be keep in a safe lock box. 

  9. C.C.Y.C. staff members undergo a training and background checks before they work with any of our youth.  Our Tutors are from the school district and understand the curriculum given.

  10. NO refunds on any fees with C.C.Y.C.  If you want to cancel your membership you must give a 2 weeks notice so your account want be charged.  

  11. All parents will be required to sign waivers and releases once they register.

  12. Parents are allowed one vacation week per year at C.C.Y.C. 

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